Cylinder Lock

Door/Ignition/Trunk/Fuel/Glove Box Lock

Alpha provides custom lock solutions for car manufacturers to enhance the security of vehicles. Our range of ignition, door, trunk, fuel and glove box locks are designed to provide maximum security and reliability. Our team of experts works closely with car manufacturers to develop lock systems that meet their unique specifications and operating functionality.

Our door locks provide an extra layer of security, while our trunk/fuel locks prevent theft or tampering with the vehicle’s storage compartments and fuel system fuel tank. Our wide range of experience on locking systems means that we can assist customers in defining their needs and developing suitable solutions.

Our mechanical locks can be designed within a range of security levels with a good balance to cost. From a simple and inexpensive solution to a high level of security that meets industry leading Thatcham requirements.

At Alpha, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for vehicle security. Our range of high-quality locks and custom development capabilities make us an ideal partner for car manufacturers.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom lock solutions and how we can help you develop the perfect lock system for your vehicles. With our expert guidance and comprehensive approach, your vehicles will be well-protected and secure.