Passive Keyless Entry/Go

Passive Keyless Entry/Go Systems ensure high levels of convenience when it comes to accessing vehicles and starting their engines.

Vehicle users no longer need to search for their keys in bags or pockets, or physically handle their key to operate push buttons. Just touching the door handle is enough to unlock the doors, but only if the authorized key is detected by the system in advance. Moreover, a touchless vehicle entry wich benefits from smart key or smartphone proximity detection is possible. And switching the engine on and off is actioned by pushing a start/stop button – once the authorized key is detected in the vehicle’s passenger compartment. Locking the doors is also simple, achieved by touching a dedicated area on the exterior door handle or simply by leaving the vehicle with the key or phone. State-of-the-art safety, security and cybersecurity protection level is a matter of course.

Our modular system platform allows our customers to benefit from what we already have in place today, or what is in our development pipeline. We follow our guiding principle “re-use as much as is reasonable, and then tailor to project-related requirements”, so that we progress from a proven base. We design, develop and produce full-scale passive keyless entry/go systems for leading passenger and commercial vehicle OEMs – and upon request stand alone products such as e.g. keys and electronic steering column locks (12 and 24V).