Security of Information

With regard to the ongoing protection and supervision of data and know-how, we have implemented a suite of information security systems in compliance with ISO/IEC 27 001.

ISO/IEC 27001 is the management system standard helping to organize information security processes and document subsequent actions for security controls.

Key features include:

  •  Ensuring the selection of appropriate security controls that protect information assets and give confidence to the parties involved
  •  Defining and formulating appropriate security objectives and requirements
  •  Minimising the risk of privacy and security breaches to all parties
  •  Ensuring the organisation’s security objectives continue to be met by providing a roadmap for ongoing management of requirements
  •  Complying with relevant laws and other regulations

By the implementation of these controls and systems we intend to emphasize our commitment to the protection of information throughout all phases of a project, from initial conception to final production and supply.

By using this established and recognised security platform we demonstrate that data and information mutually shared with our customers and partners throughout the business process is properly protected.