Mechanical Solutions

Mechanical components are the backbone of reliable and secure vehicle access and control systems. Although these systems increasingly now have an electronic element, many of their mechanical parts will also remain on next generation vehicles – whether this is due to safety and security standards, legislative requirements, cost and reliability considerations or ultimately the vehicle users preferences.

Our focus within mechanical components is on locks, covering door locks, tailgate locks, mechanical steering column locks, ignition locks, glove box locks and other applications. Based on our patented system of split cylinder door lock and axial freewheeling clutch – which delivers highest resistance to all kinds of intrusion attempts – we are able to offer a considerable number of cost-efficient solutions that are designed to fulfil the highest security requirements. Other additional patented solutions can be integrated into the lock design, dependent upon customer needs.

For special cases in which locks need to be installed in demanding environments, e.g. where available space for installing standard lock cylinders is insufficient or where locks need to be integrated in untypical locations, we can provide our patented Mini Lock cylinders. Compared to standard lock cylinders, our Mini Lock cylinders have reduced dimensions of up to 20% – but with the same security and performance levels. As a bonus, due to their smaller dimensions they can deliver contributions to achieve further weight savings on vehicles.

For commercial vehicles we design, develop and supply optimized exterior door handles. In close cooperation with our customers we analyze products in the field and identify potential for further improvement in terms of applying new technologies and achieving higher security, coupled with weight and cost reduction.